A Brief History of The Gematria Of Nothing
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  Introductory assertions on proceedings of precarious pertinence

The Gematria of Nothing had been discovered sometime during 1995 following a Satanic sex magic ritual and bibliomantic reading of Liber AL vel Legis led by a group which later became known as the Kabaal of M.A.A.T. even though it remains Infek bin Laden, author of deathandhell.com; the world's foremost Qabalist via the GoN; whom advanced the the study and practice of this American Qabalistic scheme to the most deeply interesting and yet proudly confounding degree.

Even as a child, the original Psychedelic Satanist somehow knew that 666 = 0, an obscure contrivance that the GoN would later decisively prove him a veracious diver. As any Digital Qlippoth Enthusiast knows, 666 spelled out phonetically as six hundred and sixty six equals 0 in the GoN I system. And, therefore, the master of the Ma'atian Atu had fulfilled a childhood prophesy to discover a way in which to emancipate his very first 'received' or intuitive magickal formula. Many of the members of the Kabaal of M.A.A.T. remain in the shadows of secrecy except for those such as Morpheus the Gallant whom penned Liber Arachnid which still retains its genius after all these years as an excellent example of a piece of channeled, auto-written gematriac verse.

  Talking logistics and myth-borne statistics

The most popular and most often used GoN cipher represents the Ma'atian Atu or GoN I system where N = 0 and B through M equal 12 through 1 while O through Z equal -1 through -12. In the GoN I system the entire alphabet totals 13. It remains interesting to note that in mathematics "N" represents an "indeterminate amount" or typifies the common symbol for a variable quantity, especially one which represents an integer. Whereas the second cipher created by the Kabaal of M.A.A.T. has been known as The Atu of Zos Kia or GoN II system where the entire alphabet splits down the middle with A through M equaling 13 through 1 and N through Z equaling -1 through -13. It embodies a perfectly paired arrangement of polar opposites. Far less has been studied using this system as only one calculator exists on the web making it that much more difficult to retrieve the value for complex articles of text. There also exists a third rarely known GoN cipher called the GoN-ALW system which takes Crowley's organization of letters down the alphabet and assigns both positive and negative numbers to it.

These allegorical expanses of American Qabala encompass the full spectrum of theomatic mysticism free from Hermetic dogma and proto-Judaic cryptogrammatic subtleties. In simplest terms they involve the identification of a whole or negative number value for each letter of the alphabet almost like any other cipher. And, this process of codified enumeration results in the formation of a numerological arrangement which produces words, phrases, and even whole texts like poems or paragraphs of a specific equivalence with other words, phrases, or texts containing a correlation of specific numbers. These enumerations which happen to fall under the same numeric value have been said to have some form of inherent occult similitude to them. Not all mystics and magicians believe in this form of Synchronicity, however, as they simply do not feel a connection to the world of numbers.

We filthy few Foolish Devotees, on the other hand, find a great deal of complex meaning within the confines of the GoN cipher as we cherish not only the uncommonly rare form of numerical calibration found as almost visceral to the low Bell's curve autogenous to the GoN but also the memory of the Archetypal Theriomorph for his unique ability to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak in terms of distinguishing the real heads from the psychic vampires amidst the realms separating the corporeal Bardo tellus server versus the electronic psyberian tundra.

One of the most important discoveries ever elucidated by Infek bin Laden remains his foray into the GoN's stance on genetics.

"A nucleic acid that carries the genetic information in the cell is capable of self-replication and synthesis of RNA. DNA consists of two long chains of nucleotides twisted into a double helix and joined by hydrogen bonds between the complementary bases adenine and thymine or cytosine and guanine. The sequence of nucleotides determines individual hereditary characteristics."

Total = 79



  Psycho-history and reconstructionism in species phylogeny

Ever since the original Assyro-Babylonian system of numerology had given way to ancient ciphers such as Hebrew mispar gadol, Arabic abjad, Greek isopsephy, and Sanskrit devanagari/katapayadi, or more contemporary comparatives such as Pythagoras' reductionism, or Crowley's cipher known by many names such as EQ-ALW, EQ-11, and NAEQ, or Agrippa's cipher from his 2nd book on Occult Philosophy, or Enochian, or EQ-A6, or plain old simple gematria known as EQ-A1 have cropped up all about the Qabalistic landscape, many more ciphers have come to light in recent years.

The former arrays stand in stark contrast to much more modern ciphers like Squink's Tylcergyn or Xeo's Wild Keys where these latter ciphers extrapolate much more thoroughly, in example, upon the usage of integers within their antithetical framework. We can even subsist in saying that these more modern ciphers stand as somewhat superior to the latter ciphers due to their utilizing the dualism of positive and negative numerals as they prove a much more versatile structure to endeavor toward a more realistic view of reality within the composition of their given cryptographic foundation.

The enumerated GoN cipher endures as exceptional because it utilizes both positive numbers and negative integers (including a value for zero) to form a unique array of binary correspondences which Infek himself has deemed a "new sexuality" through the eroto-etic reality of numbers. Although, many offshoots have begun being popularized, the Gematria of Nothing had been the first cipher known to exploit values upon the dual axis of zero. However, the English Rose Cabala which also stood as a contemporary of the GoN, utilized a value for zero within its cipher. So, the GoN does not make for the only system to use zero in its strategy early on.

These days, where the masses experience Eternal Separation from the Archetypal Theriomorph, it remains Z(enseider)Z who have taken up the reigns in GoN research and development. We retain meta-communication with Infek Ren Sekem Khu in his Online Digital Sarcophagi through superior understanding of the Numerical Egregores buried deep within the Gematria of Nothing cipher which manifest via our prater-human intelligence. Our enumerated divinatory poetries offer us a glimpse into the necromantic arts as we commune with our beloved mentor and we continue on with the Great Work that the World Sigilizers Cartel and the Church Of Latter Day Satanists would assuredly claim as critical to the evolution of the GoN.

"This is the paradox that lie beyond mere conjugation: after all affairs are made apparent there shall be no congregation."
      ---Z.'. Z.'. axiom

Z(enseider)Z investigative teams work diligently in several different time zones to ensure that social media gets bombarded with GoN enumerations of the highest caliber. We have had innovations in many different mediums pop up all around us. For example, one of our meme-bearers Luke Andrews devised a schema where he laid out the GoN cipher onto chromatic scale notation and uses this blueprint to make music. And, if memory serves us correctly, Infek once said in a prophetic tone that the GoN would one day get put to music. Luke has fulfilled this prophesy to its fullest and then some as his work with this approach has not yet reached its complete fruition. He re-vamps his theories with the advent of new information on an almost daily basis, but finds his original schema as a working magickal map from which to promulgate desire.

Luke has a simple, but highly effective formula for his aural sorcery: Intent + Vibration = Manifestation

  Advents from the Chaothaumaturgic Insurgency

As a precipice to a more well rounded 'theory' we've concocted an amalgamation of Peter Carroll's Kabbala from Liber NOX with the GoN cipher to create a system of correspondences which could never fit onto a traditional Tree of Life with its ten sephiroth. Carroll's tree represents fourteen spheres and therefore fits the GoN cipher like the proverbial glove. We like to consider it our Tree of kNOwthing as it stands as paramount to the current study and practice of the Gematria of Nothing. The Tree of kNOwthing represents, at least in principle, the same auras that Carroll had laid out for it during his work with the Alphabet of Desire yet we have replaced the simple one word ideals with numeric polarities.

Within Kia (or Kether) we have N = 0 as it stands as the crux upon which the whole cipher rests and in the depths of what would symbolize Malkuth (actually, what Carroll calls "Pleasure" as part of his four-way split of Malkuth) we have A = 13. If N = 0 represents the core of the cipher then A = 13 assuredly represents the apotheosis of the cipher. These two alphanumeric equations rest at the very top and bottom of the tree as they have no opposites, save for themselves. Every other sphere contains a double formula for both the positive and negative aspects of each given number within the cipher. It remains much easier to look at the diagram in the figure provided in this section than to write out explanations for each of the spheres. Writing out a description of each sphere remains a task for a book all its own and we do not wish to bore the casual reader whom simply wants a basic overview of the Gematria of Nothing past and present.

Suffice to say, the negative integer alphanumerics sit on the left hand side of each sphere while the positive whole number alphanumerics sit on the right. Hopefully, this clears up any confusion individuals may have while staring at the seemingly non-sensical alphanumeric collocation alloted to this all too familiar Tree which has been re-purposed for the coordination of the GoN cipher

  Rootworking pathways along the orientation backroads

When reduced to their least common factors, all numbers, no matter how large can resolve back to nine numerals by means of addition. Take one's full birth date and add it together and you end up with, but a single digit. For example, Jimi Hendrix's birth date of November 27, 1942 looks like 11/27/1942 in numerical form and when we add these numbers together we arrive at the equation 1+1+2+7+1+9+4+2 = 27 and 2+7 = 9. Now, granted 27 in and of itself has innate faculties of mystical significance that we could contrive (aside from being how old he had been when he died) vis a vis enumerations from the GoN and from aeons worth of religio-magico-mystical connotations from around the world. In fact, we could even take Jimi Hendrix's many names and calculate them through any of various gematria to see what results we receive simply looking for the possibility of a Synchronistic event. In the GoN I system Jimi Hendrix = 31, James Marshall Hendrix = 66, and his given name Johnny Allen Hendrix = 40. Now, none of these enumerations match his birth number of 29, but one of his all time concert favorites "Voodoo Chile" also equals 31 in the GoN I system. So, there remains something to our numerological inclinations after all.

The other fact that remains evident as far as gematriac coincidence lie in the result that Jimi Hendrix (31) and Johnny Allen Hendrix (40) both resolve back to the root of 4 by means of simple addition. We consider these 'roots' something that exist outside of human intelligence and by that we mean that these 'roots' have a life of their own without the exhibition of human invention. Ultimately, we call these 'roots' Numerical Egregore and we have found that they had a life all their own on pre-Edenic Earth. They were possibly even zoetic amidst the cosmic chaos as formal entities which some view as "number people" and others view as some sort of highly evolved recondite proto-prokaryote or elementary organism, but the rest of our theories exemplify wild speculation at best.

The Numerical Egregore expresses a neologism coined by the late Infek bin Laden and although we cannot know exactly what he meant by this (as he left no real written record of such jargon) we will take it upon ourselves as his proteges via the GoN to describe what it means to us and how it has influenced our Work as adept 21st century Qabalists, expert memeticists, and amateur semioticians. The term 'Numerical Egregore' conjures up ruminations of group thoughtforms derivative of a mathematical (or at least numerological) nature, however, this does not necessarily make the case for that of living organisms even though flights of fancy tend to recur in the minds of those who follow in the footsteps of what has become known as Ma'athematics due to the usage of the GoN I system also known as the Ma'atian Atu. The Numerical Egregore has less to do with the interplay between a particular originator and a given number and more to do with the symbiotic relationship extant among all numbers and the reality tunnel of a given Qabalist receiving and transmitting logarithmic data streams. One might say the Numerical Egregore represent a collective archetypal convergence of quasi-semiotic Qabalistic conditioning and naturally occurring geometric phenomena.

As far as the so-called Numerical Egregores go they can get broken down into a series of pseudo-polarities disciplined by the neither-neither duality of harmony and antagonism which we will offer in the most basic means possible:

0 = Synchronicity/Will
1 = Strength/Satiety
2 = Love/Momentum
3 = Art/Distortion
4 = Business/Vision
5 = Mass Control/Neutrality
6 = Oppression/Law
7 = Consciousness/Flux
8 = Horror/Reality
9 = Success/Loss

  Quotes from the GoN-L archives

Infek himself explains Digital Qlippoth and Numerical Egregore all on his own by stating that he had "recently been preoccupied with what may be described as legion of "Digital Qlippoth". This manifests as a tendency to become driven and or mislead by numeric correspondences via the exhilarating engine of a hyper-inflationary Choronzon-fueled ego. One reoccurring phenomena I have observed deals with the frequency with which certain "Numeric Egregores" repeat themselves."

Infek goes on to offer an example of a time when he enumerates a word which equals a given number and then lets his mind go blank and picks the next word that comes to his mind. Bam! The word he chooses has the same value as the initial enumeration he had chosen! He continues on with his discourse to ask "What are the chances of my "coincidentally" choosing the second word with the same value as the first...?"

He then postulates the "how" of what he has just experienced via the GoN stating that his "suspicions include the possibility that my mind knows the values of _all_ the words even though that knowledge may be obscured beneath the level of my awareness. Another less probable idea is that I have a "praeterhuman intelligence" whispering in my head all the time."

He then introduces the fact that this does not represent an act of will he can reproduce on command. He says "it tends to happen when I am _not_ concentrating on anything in particular and just let the numbers and letters flow through my head like so many alpha-numeric koans." He then offers "another example of Digital Qlippoth run amok occurs when I get unusually psyched about certain correspondences that I enumerate and begin to get overly excited with the implications. They are invariably incorrect; usually the result a hasty mental miscalculation, on paper, or by some omission and/or spelling error.

The moment of the realization of the error may be temporarily devastating to the cyclonic forces of a Choronzon-Possessed Ego, and yet ultimately, as in many cases via use of the GoN, it often leads to what would appear to be even more "sublime" challenges and ideally even more interesting discoveries! The use of the GoN to interface with these Numeric Egregore have, in my opinion, greatly increased my awareness and sensitivity to the resonance of these most unusual Digital Qlippothic attractors."

  Misappropriated adjudications and post-conceptual reassurance

So, it would seem even our mistakes make for deeply fascinating, possibly enlightening, revelations of the sort that only differential ontologism can provide for us. It appears that these Numerical Egregore, according to the master Qabalist, exist unbeknownst to our conscious awareness not within a vacuum, but instead beyond the recesses of our deep mind perhaps in a realm orthogonal to our own base reality which in and of itself can seem perplexing enough without the ideal of entities from a xenodimensional transversion of marcobiological subsistence occurring outside the space-time continuum we've come to recognize as material reality.

It just doesn't endure as a very pleasant notion to the average cadaver that there might lie something above our evolutionary scope of measurement as it would shake the very foundation upon which we thrive in everyday mundane society. Aliens would represent a welcome addition in the face of monstrosities that would seek out sustenance by such means as parasitizing the corporeal intelligence of the human being from a periphery state of existence. And, by this we mean, that which exists on a plane, maybe by intersecting our own, but which does not make itself apparent in the usual means. Possibly the ethereal realm or the astral, or even a subjugated part of our own minds or souls.

Without question, the extant properties inherent to numbers as faculties of simple arithmetic represent the most paltry of immediate intermediaries bringing us the cold, hard facts of logic. No, there has to have been more to the continued endurance of such numerical components that speak of independent animation well beyond the capacity for us to understand in menial terms. There must prevail some form of autonomous life-forms that gain their vital energy from the vampirizing of simple carbon-based vivacity which impede upon our every moment of living, breathing states of being whether awake or asleep. It remains these types of ticks and leeches which propel the nightmarish, horrifying day dreams of those of us capable of imagining aloft the banal activities that consume our day to day livelihoods. No matter what your profession, it would seem that these sycophantic psychopomps ally themselves with the psuedo-Lovecraftian horrors which await us in very near future aeons ready to pounce upon our innermost fears and bring humankind to its knees.

This may appear as though just more sub-epic surrogate science fiction, but our own personal spiritual experiences have shown us that such creatures persevere through millennia of cosmic history roaming from one planet full of resources to the next. Devouring life forms like so many disposable batteries and scrounging up all of our natural reserves as though they belong to an intergalactic subsidiary of egregious behemoths bent on the annihilation of all species deemed unworthy of eternal slavery at the hands of their lords in drudgery. Again, this may all emerge as no more than a fraudulent narrative told by those possessed of vivid imaginations, yet an abysmal truth lie beneath this imaginal margin of a liminal space we've conjured up in the hopes of awakening, but a few of our fellow comrades in visionary collusion.

What persists as truth remains in one's own perception of the facts laid out before them and we do not wish to sway the jury one way or the other, but simply to offer an alternative view on what may or may not have taken place toward the infancy of this planet's and indeed this cosmos' origins. It continues to rely on one's own subjective outlook on the means by which humankind were separated from their cousin simians if we ever were in the first place. Were there magical means involved? Or does it remain as simple as evolutionary biology declares? We believe there survives evidence of such import to the scientific community that has been overlooked on the subject of our place in the spectrum of empyreal history due to governmental restriction, military obstruction, and shoddy laboratory and field work on the part of naive analysts and technicians.


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written by: Eian Orange of the Z.'. Z.'.      




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